Balloon garland’s are everywhere at the moment and rightly so, they are gorgeous and a great way to transform any event! They can amp up any occasions wowing guests and the best part is they are super easy to put together! Our kits come with everything you need to create a gorgeous balloon garland in no time.

Before we get into the step by step guide. I will let you know a few little things that can be helpful. Your balloon garland is filled with oxygen not helium so don’t go out and buy an expensive cylinder of helium! You won’t need it. Your glarland will need to be hung. Fishing line and command hooks are a great way to hang your garland to create the illusion it Is floating. If you don’t have any on hand, we’ve got you covered add this to your kit.

Your balloon garland will last a while so you can make your garland the day before your event. Save yourself some time and stress on event day! If you are having an outdoor event, we recommend you don’t take your garland outside until an hour or two before the event starts. This will guarantee your creation will look as fresh as possible!

Step one:

Pump up all the balloons provided in your kit. We quality check all of our balloons but sometimes a sneaky defect will slip through. Do not worry however, we provide extra balloons to combat this.

Okay i’ll admit, this step is a little bit of a work out on the arms. But if you have a partner to help you it will cut the time in half! So get to it and call in the troops!

*note, to get a lovely organic looking garland you’ll want the balloons to be like round balls and not over inflated pears. To achieve this before you tie the knot, you will need to press the balloon against a hard flat surface or your chest whilst letting a little bit of air out.

Step two:

Start threading the end of the larger balloons into the holes of decorating strip provided. You will need to skip a hole or two here and there when the balloons become tight or begin to slip out.

Step three:

Using your fishing line and command hooks. Loop the fishing line around your garland and tie to the hooks. Hang your garland where you want it displayed and voila. Then for the final touch, begin adding the small balloons. Use the provided glue dots to attach the small balloons and fill any gaps in the garland.